New Snow Soaps! 4 New Scents!
Happy Spring!

We are just beginning to experience the first signs of warmth - daffodils blooming, magnolias budding, and pollen abundant! As we move through this season, we want to commemorate our last little slice of winter…

Snow soaps! A necessarily limited run, Melted Snowman and Carrot Nose are made with filtered snow from our last and lightest snowfall. They use an extra rich balance of vegetable oils, including fabulous Kokum Butter, extra-delicate Hazelnut Oil, and the always-incredible Olive Oil. Fragrances are “Crisp, sweet snow - cool and soothing, muddied with asphalt, exhaust and earthen notes of patchouli.” and “Crisp, sweet snow - cool and soothing, spiked with green and pink sweetness.”.

Snow Soap

New, new, new, and new! Chasm, “Cavernous, smokey dragon’s blood with a chitinous edge. “. Sheer and smooth. Corpuscular, “Blood red roses and thorny greenery. “. The full Carrie. Dentition, “Orange peel, lime juice, and a sharp bite of juniper.”. Toothsome, and roughed up with orange peel. And Typhoon, “Coconut meat, sticky mango juice, and melon spiked with sheer white mint. “. Stained with indigo and ash.


Returning, Moral Decay Honey sweet, smoky lapsang souchong tea, brewed too strong and liberally debauched with aniseed, ginger, cinnamon, bergamot and gentian. This year appears in a smooth jaundiced Soap.

In new news re: “where can I buy this stuff?” we are proud to announce our expanding partnership with Whole Foods Market. Find us at the new Knoxville, TN location, the Greensboro, NC store, in addition to our existing partners at the Green Hills location in Nashville, TN and the Franklin, TN store!

My best love to you all,


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New Sweet Scents - Bruised & Bad Breakup

New this year! Inspired by crushed berries and battered petals, we offer you Bruised - “Lavender drizzled in blackberry compote, and snow-kissed amber.” This delicate scent is done up in our smooth Soap, and usual delectable Whipped body creme. We also present an indigo blued Smooch! accented with sugared lavender buds, and a light Extrait.


Returning… Bad Breakup - “Smells like heartbreak. Dragon’s Blood, cheap cabernet, markdown chocolate and a pint of caramel ice-cream salted with your own tears.” Go on, watch a Lifetime movie - it’s okay. We did this one up in a cocoa-sprinkled Soap, a wine and cacoa infused (cocoa butter based) Smooch!, and our usual skin-loving Whipped! body creme. New this year? Bad Breakup Perfume Oil.

Bad Breakup

And Raspberry Swirl - “Sweet red raspberry creamed with soft vanilla.” Sweet things. The stained-pink raspberry Smooch, our Whipped! body creme, and our classic Extrait..

Available in Extrait only formats this year… Torchsong “A memory of raw coconut infused with heavy white blossoms - tuberose, orchid, and awapuhi - and tonka bean, ginger crushed underfoot, damp moss and your vanilla perfume. Store it in a mahogony box, lit with spices.”

Truffle Trade “A neglected box o’ chocolates - cherry cordials, coconut creams, almond clusters, raspberry parfaits - covered in dust, tossed aside for bigger game.”

Miss Edith “Lemony black tea with milk, English Lavender and Roses beneath a thick layer of dust.”

And Arsenic & Old Lace “Sweet black cherry tarts with warm, clinging honeymusk and a soft wisp of old-fashioned perfume - roses, honeysuckle, gardenia and chamomile.”

My best love to you all,


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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is here, apparently! Today is the last day of our annual sales event, and we have 5 specials you can treat yourself with….

Ginger Snapped Soap is available as a free gift with orders subtotaling $30 (that’s after any Mastermind Points, and before shipping). Limit two per customer (i.e. a $60 order will receive two, but a $90 order will not receive three). Must add item to cart.

Soap! - Stock up on our General Catalog soaps and Black Label soaps by buying 3 and getting 1 free. Discount taken at checkout, no code necessary. Limit 4 one-frees per customer.

Get Whipped! - Stock up on your favourite body creme by getting 4 General Catalog or Black Label Whipped! for the price of 3! Limited to 4 free items per order. Add the 4th item(s) to your cart - deductions taken at checkout.

Get Smooched! - Stock up on your favourite shower-indulgence by getting 4 General Catalog or Black Label Smooch! for the price of 3! Limited to 4 free items per order. Add the 4th item(s) to your cart - deductions taken at checkout.

Perfume Oil Take 25% off our full-size perfume oils from our general catalog or Wicked As They Come collection. Use code EAU to take discount at checkout. Does not apply to sample sizes or samplers. Discount taken at checkout, no code necessary.

If you are purchasing Clearanced items as part of your “Buy Three, Get 1” (for Soap, Whipped! or Smooch! items), the lowest priced item will be free. All sales end when Monday 12/01/14 ends.

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We are proud to announce the release of our winter collection, just in time for seasonal shopping!

Something cool, something crisp, something sweet. Snocreme is “Crisp peppermint and creamed confectioner’s sugar cooled with snow and pine.” Inspired by afterdinner mints and snow flurries, this one is done up in a seasonally-tinted three-layer Soap. In our classic Whipped! Body Creme this scent is light and emollient.


A new sort of sweet, inspired by some lovely gourmet marshmallows… Eatable Pillow is ” Gossamer-light marshmallows, grounded by sweet amber, and drizzled with bright lavender syrup. ” It is exquisitely well-balanced, and has made for an incredibly silky Soap. We’ve added softening marshmallow root to a Smooch lightly studded with lavender buds, and made our signature Whipped body creme in a scent that’s almost good enough to eat (please don’t.)

Eatable Pillow

Just Desserts - Blood oranges dripping over a warm, resinous vanilla, wrapped in a dry peel of orange zest. Just what you deserve. Available once more in Soap, Smooch!, and skin-pampering Whipped!.

Just Desserts!

Our Winter Edition Scintillating Smooch! features our year-round vanilla-mint accented with crushed candy-canes. It’s festive and predictably scintillating!

Winter Scintillating!

And returning with much acclaim… Mall Santa - The pervasive scent of cinnamon buns and cream cheese frosting, underscored with cheap whiskey, tobacco stains, toffee candies and delicious filthy lucre. Deliciously spicy sweet for the holidays, with enough unexpected notes to give it that signature Villainess touch. Our Santa returns in a gorgeous pinwheeled Soap along with our Smooch! (uniquely topped with a creamy confectioner’s sugar Smooch! layer), and Whipped! formats.

Mall Santa!

Snag a seasonally suitable Smack! We like Candy Cane Cupcake - “Exquisite equal portions of our chilling Mint Medley, tooth-aching Candy Floss, Buttercream Cupcake, and sublime Vanilla Bean.” Or try a Custom Blend - Marshmallow, Lavender and Incense might be nice.

We would also like to point out a plethora of markdowns in our Clearance category… With our most recent Black Label releases marked down by 10% and our oldest stock at 30%, you can snag a little Trauma Smooch, some Mudslide, some Smashing… plenty to pick from!


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Cobwebs and Spider Legs!

Just in time to get your spooky on…

The terribly creepy Cobwebs collection. “An ambiguous spill of Cabernet and salt. Woodrot and sooty, guttered candles caked with age-old dust.” A stark-black soap streaked and veined with white, and an Extrait (our typical 5 ml bottle). We love Cobwebs and you love Cobwebs, so this year we’ve expanded the collection with a wine and ash swirled Smooch! and our classic emollient Whipped! body creme.


Returning creepy fave, Spider Legs is “Pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate, fuzzy with shreds of black coconut.”

And a couple of Smack! selections… Exhumation is: “Layers of visceral Raspberry Plum goo, Chocolate Mousse treats, tooth-rotting Candy Floss and the grave’s own Unearthed filth.” and Exsanguination is: “Crimson pools of Cherries Jubilee, Raspberry Plum and Berry Patch and drips of dragon’s blood-rich Incense.”. Both are fabulous introductions to the line if you’re stumped for ideas!



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Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n : a woman who is a villain

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n
1 : an uncanny, articulate woman
2 : a deliberate antagonist or tease
3 : an intelligent woman in a tabloid or gossip
4 : the fall-girl in a particularly difficult situation

Villainess. Redefining "bad."