Get Smashed! All Things Pumpkin Spiced!

Greetings fiends!

We are rolling out our Autumnal offerings a little later than we’d hoped, but with a new twist this year. Pumpkin Spice Everything? We Pumpkin Spiced All The Things.

This year, we are splicing our seasonal bar soap favourites with our very own Smashing. “Creamy sweet pumpkin pie with a full complement of spices - cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.” We’ve poured this in layers with Gloop - “Fluffed marshmallow fudge.” for a marshmallowy/chocolate/pumpkin pie concoction. We’ve also spliced Mudslide for a stiff cup of dark coffee and pumpkin pie - “A positively filthy mix of day-old coffee grounds and vetyver, blackened hazelnut, sweet graham, and rich cream.” Finally, we’ve poured pumpkin pie and Strychnine. “Ripe peaches and green apples spiked with a menacing hint of cinnamon and ginger, sweetened with tobacco and underscored with burning oak and earth.” Layers of gorgeous pumpkin and peach.

Get Smashed!

Additionally, find our traditional scent body products - Gloop! - Fluffed marshmallow fudge. Available once more in Smooch! (loaded with cocoa and marshmallow root) , Whipped! , and Extrait format.


For those with an earthier nose for fall, we offer our darkest Mudslide, A positively filthy mix of day-old coffee grounds and vetyver, blackened hazelnut, sweet graham, and rich cream. A Smooch! so strong you may skip your morning Latte, and a milky Whipped! body creme.


Smashing itself, “Creamy sweet pumpkin pie with a full complement of spices - cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.” is available in a Smooch loaded with pulped pumpkin and spices, and a sweet, sweet Whipped! body creme.

Just in time for your Oktoberfests, we offer MOSH! Our lager based beer soap has twinges of pumpkin and “Warm beer, sweaty leather, cigarette smoke and an elusive touch of hemp.”

And the seasonal Smack! Selection… Harvest Peach celebrates the transition from summer’s warmth to autumn’s chill with a scoop of Georgia Peach, one Fresh Squeezed Citrus, one Spice Trade and deep Unearthed. We’ve had this one around for a bit, but designed it with Strychnine’s release in mind; it’s a perfect complement. And a couple of creepsters… Exhumation is: “Layers of visceral Raspberry Plum goo, Chocolate Mousse treats, tooth-rotting Candy Floss and the grave’s own Unearthed filth.” and Exsanguination is: “Crimson pools of Cherries Jubilee, Raspberry Plum and Berry Patch and drips of dragon’s blood-rich Incense.”

Now in Clearance, a little bit of Gold Flake, Quick or Dead? some Summer School and a few other goodies!

Much love,


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Eleventh Anniversary! Sale-A-Bration!

Greetings fiends!

August 14th marked our 11th anniversary. That’s so much soap. We’ve had a busy month, and couldn’t party with our usual panache. So we’re brining back a new favourite, a seasonal weirdo, and throwing a sale-abration to thank you for making this a beautiful ride.

Returning scent from our 10th anni…

Goldflake - ” All that glimmers. Shades of sunshine and sweetgrass, warm tobacco, fool’s gold, amber, myrrh and honeycomb with a sweet twist of cinnamon and peppercorn. “ This is an incredibly creamy, sweet, perfectly spiced resinous scent. It’s quite typical of what we do well, and reminiscent of a certain liquer. We’ve done our usual creamy bar soap, and our Goldflake Whipped! - All the emollient moisture you’ve come to expect, with a faint gold shimmer. Perfect for a little end of summer bling.

The Goldflake Smooch! is loaded with a shimmery gold mica, and rich with frankincense and myrrh. Round it out with a splash of Goldflake Extrait - 5 ml of the good stuff in one of our signature amber glass dropper bottles.


Featured this month, a complementary Staffpick Smack! Goldflake Lite - Two scoops of Honey Nut spliced with Spice Trade and Incense.

Returning at the end of a long, hot, sticky gardening season…

Killer Tomatoez

Killer Tomatoez - ” Garden fresh malice. Juicy tomato, and tomato vines, sheer cucumber, and a snip of basil leaf.” This brand new experiment is featured in a creamy bar soap, loaded with garden stand tomatoes. Whole bits of skin and seeds make this one of the more interesting bars we’ve made in a while. Accented with a matching perfume oil.

Killer Tomatoez

And newly restocked? Cucumber & Chamomile Toner. This seasonal facial toner features Chamomile hydrosol to reduce inflammation , sweet Patchouli hydrosol to relieve exhaustion, toning Witch Hazel, emollient Plaintain, refreshing Cucumber distillate, and a light spritz of uplifting Lime essential oil.

To really celebrate? We are staggering the discounts. Through Monday night (ending midnight 09/02/2014 cst), use our code ELEVEN at checkout to:

- Take 11% off of our General Catalog and Current Black Label Collection (Goldflake & Killer Tomatoez).

- Take 22% off of our recent Black Label scents (Quick or Dead?, Trauma, Neisthaia and Summer School - already marked down by 11% in the cart).

- Take 33% off our Clearance items (Black Citrus, Sidewalk, Pipevine Swallowtail, and The Truffle Trade - already marked down by 22% in the cart).

There’s no adequate way to thank you all for making these an epic 11 years. We appreciate your continued support, enthusiasm, and feedback in daily, life-changing ways and are humbled by the chance to impact your (bathing) lives. Thanks for sticking with us.

Much love,


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We Moustache You A Question…

As summer wraps up, we roll out the last of our classic collection. Returning favourites, a new face, and a new product…

Trauma - “Ripe peaches dripping with dragon’s blood, against a sweet skin-scent of Egyptian musk, amber and myrrh. Trauma strikes on a visceral level -a violation of skin and blood. An impact that leaves you seeing stars, an interruption of life’s sweetness.” Trauma gets enough requests that it ought be general catalog by now - so, enjoy it’s yearly appearance! Returning in a Soap, Smooch! (drenched in Dragon’s Blood), and Whipped!. Returning after a brief absence Trauma Extrait in our amber glass bottles with dropper tops.

Brand new this year, Summer School - “A bubblegummy burst of strawberry, blackberry and blueberry tempered with green tea, and sharp notes of rose geranium.” It has yet to make its photo debut, but appears in a gorgeous pink-on-pink marbled Soap polished in fuschia mica. We’ve also done a pretty pink Smooch! accented with raspberries and green tea, and our classic Whipped! body creme.

Perennial favourite Quick or Dead? - “Sarsparilla and sweetgrass, worn saddle leather, tobacco smoke and the remains of a spicy lime cologne. The essence of the wild west. When hard work meant your homestead, and if you weren’t Quick you’d sure as sin end up Dead (much like the armadillo roadkill that litters our wide open praries). Saddle up, yo.” Once more in Soap, Smooch!, and Whipped! . And finally back in stock, our Perfume Oil - rich with leather and lightly limed. Returning this year, is the official Quick or Dead? Cheap Shot! - a custom-etched whiskey shooter, featuring our Quick or Dead? logo and gift-wrapped with horehound hard candy.This one’s a stunner! (Just for reference, horehound candy tastes a lot like slightly bitter rootbeer barrels.)

Quick or Dead?

And then Neisthai - “Sultry evenings, sweet iced tea in glasses beaded with sweat. Age-old roses and magnolia blossoms. Fallen peaches and wild blackberries. Honeycrisps and banks of honeysuckle. Acres of cut clover, mown grass and old, musty wood. Neisthai, to return - the homecoming. This fragrance fuses classic Southern archetypes with the scent-memory of my own picturesque homestead garden. More than the sum of its parts, Neisthai draws on rich, gourmand notes, delicate florals, crisp fruits, and traditional base notes to create an evocative whole.” This year’s version is slightly sweeter, a touch more poignant, but I’m still crazy about this dusky summer scent. We brought it back as Soap dusted with a pink and green shimmer, and our Perfume Oil presented in an amber glass bottle with dropper top.

And after much demand, we’ve released a product exclusively for our hirsute fanbase. Stache! is a gentle blend of conditioning vegetable oils - Apricot Kernel, Cherry Kernel, Grapeseed and Jojoba - lightly fragranced with our signature scents, Antihero, Byzantium, and Jai Mahal (as well as our fragrance free Ennui). It’s designed to lock in moisture on damp skin and beard hair. And for a limited time, find Quick or Dead? Stache!. This limited edition scent is the ideal partner for your whiskers.



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Sidewalk! Lawnmower! Black Citrus!

And now that summer’s well and truly here, we are proud to announce the second of three small summer-themed collections.

Returning favourite, Sidewalk evokes my favourite childhood memories with Hot concrete drenched in sunshowers. Summer melons, limeades and fresh-cut grass. It is a smooth soap, done up in cool pools of blue. The equally-blue Smooch! features silken clays and jojoba beads, and is ideal to layer with our Whipped! creme.

And a complementary atmospheric , Lawnmower. “Overheated metal caked with clumps of sweet, green grass. Cool earth and gasoline fumes..” Find it in our classic soap.

And a gorgeous new collection of “Black Citrus” “Crisp grapefruit, bright mandarin, and tart lime sweetly blackened with vanilla, coconut and patchouli.” Find it in a gorgeous black-on-orange marbled Soap, our Smooch Body Scrub - “Orange marmalade and perfectly exfoliant orange peel.” and our classic, silken, Whipped Body Creme.

For those who prefer the foamy lusciousness of Smack, we’ve also designed the Black Citrus Smack!. “Equal portions of cool Coconut Milk, sweet Vanilla Bean, deep Unearthed and bright Fresh Squeezed Citrus.”

Black Citrus

FiftyAnd since we still have some stock… In 2008, I was privileged to adopt one of the furballs from our local HSUS branch. Fifty Cent was “free to a good home.” That means he was an adult cat, already vetted, and needed someone to love him. The day I picked him up, the volunteers shoved this bigtabby cat in my arms, and he nervously flexed his claws against my chest, heart racing. The day Fifty went home with me was about a year after I’d lost my senior cat of 19 years. I had a big, cat-shaped hole in my life and I was nervous as hell about falling for another one of the monsters. Fifty, relieved to be “home,” immediately made himself comfortable, and spent his first night plastered to my side.


His tribute scent is understandably sweet. “Sweet fluffy cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and sun-warmed blackberry topping.” For every bar of Fifty Soap, we will make a $1.50 donation to our local branch.


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New for summer! Inktide, GRENADE, Pipevines…

Welcome to summer! We are proud to announce the first of 3 small summer-themed collections.

First up, you guys seemed to love this one last year, so returning for an encore…. Inktide soap. “Sea salt and ozone, backed with suede, and sweet coconut milk.” In a smooth, silky, indigo-flecked bar.

And after a long absence, Grenade. “Lemon-lime soda sweetened with grenadine and a single maraschino cherry.” This quiniessentailly fruity scent is inspired by a Shirley Temple. To complement, we’ve hand-selected the Grenade Smack! - Exquisitely tart portions of Limeade and Fresh Squeezed Citrus with a sweet punch of Cherries Jubilee and Raspberry Plum.”


And a truncated selection of our Pipevine Swallowtail scent… “Aromatic basil and bitter tomato leaf in an ephemeral haze of neroli and tangerine.” This year we are releasing it in our Smooch Body Scrub - “Basil leaf and sugar drenched in candied mandarin orange for soft, effective exfoliation.” and our classic, silken, Whipped Body Creme.

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Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n : a woman who is a villain

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n
1 : an uncanny, articulate woman
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3 : an intelligent woman in a tabloid or gossip
4 : the fall-girl in a particularly difficult situation

Villainess. Redefining "bad."