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Den of Antiquities

I should have gotten this posted earlier, but surely it’s never too late to pimp out the deserving? The Den of Antiquities carries a wealth of historical ephemera, antiquarian books and prints, oddities, art and now… Villainess Soaps:

Den of Antiquities

Find the Den in Greensburg, PA - Directions!

Smiling Politely



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Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n : a woman who is a villain

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n
1 : an uncanny, articulate woman
2 : a deliberate antagonist or tease
3 : an intelligent woman in a tabloid or gossip
4 : the fall-girl in a particularly difficult situation

Villainess. Redefining "bad."