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Cobwebs ‘n Decay

Greetings Fiends!

Fall came fast this year! So, plunging right in to your seasonal favourites…

Returning this year is the terribly creepy Cobwebs collection. “An ambiguous spill of Cabernet and salt. Woodrot and sooty, guttered candles caked with age-old dust.” A stark-black soap streaked and veined with white, and a small phial of Extrait (a limited edition 2ml bottle, rather than our typical 5). Cobwebs is our favourite scent experiment to-date, and we are stunned and flattered by the encore requests this one has received!


A disturbing new bookend to Cobwebs, The Turnip Torch is “Root vegetables and earth, smoking embers, flickering flames, and leaf rot.” Delightfully atmospheric for the spookiest time of year.


For those with an earthier nose for fall, we offer our darkest Mudslide, A positively filthy mix of day-old coffee grounds and vetyver, blackened hazelnut, sweet graham, and rich cream. First, a beautifully exfoliating soap (packed with pure Moroccan lava clay and handfuls of grounds) and a Smooch! so strong you may skip your morning Latte. We expanded the Mudslide collection due to customer requests, so this year we’ve brought back our Whipped! body creme and a lovely Mudslide Burn! votive.


And to elaborate a bit, Moral Decay Honey sweet, smoky lapsang souchong tea, brewed too strong and liberally debauched with aniseed, ginger, cinnamon, bergamot and gentian. This year appears in a smooth Soap, and a gorgeous (jaundiced) room-scent - Burn!.

Moral Decay

Find these treats at and with the usual suspects.

And the seasonal Smack! Selection… Harvest Peach celebrates the transition from summer’s warmth to autumn’s chill with a scoop of Georgia Peach, one Fresh Squeezed Citrus, one Spice Trade and deep Unearthed. We’ve had this one around for a bit, but designed it with Strychnine’s release in mind; it’s a perfect complement. And a couple of creepsters… Exhumation is: “Layers of visceral Raspberry Plum goo, Chocolate Mousse treats, tooth-rotting Candy Floss and the grave’s own Unearthed filth.” and Exsanguination is: “Crimson pools of Cherries Jubilee, Raspberry Plum and Berry Patch and drips of dragon’s blood-rich Incense.”. Both are fabulous introductions to the line if you’re stumped for ideas!

Gorgeous pictures, once more, courtesy of the brilliant Julie Sims. Thanks for making us look good!

Enjoy, you guys!

B! Kisses!



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