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Bad Apple Orchard


Our harvest celebration - an indulgence of warm, leafy comforts. The orchard expands a bit this year, featuring Smooch!, Whipped! and Wax Tart products in your favourite apple scents. One bad apple…

Discord - Golden apples fairly glowing in a resinous haze of amber and myrrh and dripping with dragon’s blood. Previous incarnations of Discord were a far less-complex range of apple and pear notes. This re-invention almost reads like an apple version of our best-selling “Trauma” soap, and is exquisitely under-spoken. Available as both a soap, our signature Whipped! creme, and a resin-heavy Smooch! scrub. This year, we are proud to collaborate with our friends at Two Timing Tart, and offer you the Discord wax tart clamshell (go on, treat yourself to a few wonderful room smells at TTT).

Just Right - Apples done up in honey and grandma’s own buttery pie crust, steaming Earl, and warm milk so sweet you’ll never want to leave. A warm cottage, or a warm prison? Our gourmand contribution to this collection is deliciously sweet and crisp - perfectly balanced. A honey-n-cinnamon heavy soap, our classic Whipped! creme, and a honey-sticky Smooch! scrub. Room scent? Try the Just Right wax tart clamshell (from TTT).

Proscription - Apples. Or pomegranates. And does it really matter which? Just out of reach behind a wash of earth and bitter herbs. Why would you even want something you shouldn’t have? A typically Villainess approach to a rich, depth of red fruits, this one has intriguingly unpleasant notes to make it memorable. Classic silken soap, moisturising Whipped! creme, and a pomegranate seeded Smooch! scrub. Wax tarts? Try the Just Right here….

Twistappel - Green apples, sharp and discordant with fresh ginger, acrid leaves and blood-deep wines. Just as mischievous as a crisp autumn breeze, playful and outdoorsy. Because strife is nice? Shimmering green-n-blush polished soap, lightly-spiced Whipped! creme, and a ginger heavy Smooch! scrub. Finally? Wax Tarts.

The usual Smashing soap, loaded with pumpkin pulp, is “Creamy sweet pumpkin pie with a full complement of spices - cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.” The matching Smooch! ? Much like pure pie filling. Pick up the Whipped! body creme for layers of all-day sugar and spice.


Returning first! The Killer Treez soap, The bleeding sap of a thousand fallen conifers covered in maple syrup. Loaded with gooey pine tar and silk, this one is bound to thrill tree huggers/lovers/phobics.

Killer Treez

This month’s Staff Pick Smack! is designed to complement our apple orchard, Bonfire Days features equal portions Bonfire, Bluegrass, Redwoods and Vanilla Bean.

And I’m out, guys! Enjoy!

B! Kisses!



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Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n : a woman who is a villain

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n
1 : an uncanny, articulate woman
2 : a deliberate antagonist or tease
3 : an intelligent woman in a tabloid or gossip
4 : the fall-girl in a particularly difficult situation

Villainess. Redefining "bad."