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2012 Winter Deadlines

Just a head’s up re: our cutoff dates and getting orders placed in time for your winter festivities!

The following dates for non-domestic orders are the result of the Official USPS Deadlines for delivery by December 24th. You must have your orders placed by the dates below so we can fill and ship them by USPS deadlines:

USPS Priority International Packages
APOs (zips 093) - December 2nd, Midnight CST

APOs (all other zips) - December 9th, Midnight CST

Asia, Australia, Mexico - December 10th, Midnight CST

Europe & Canada - December 12th, Midnight CST

We will be on our most vigilant for even last-minute orders placed on the 9th and 12th to ensure they receive same-day shipping.

For domestic users, note that we are closing from December 18th through the 25th, and all orders must be placed by December 17th, Midnight CST

Please note that these are the dates to place your order. If you are uncertain about your region, pick the bigger shipping margin. Again, we will be processing orders until the very last-moments of our cut-off dates. If you need expedited UPS service, please mention it in the comments field of your order.



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