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Shipping Updates

All the news, right here!

We try to limit the amount of words we toss in your inbox, and reserve Must Read Updates for release with wonderful new smells… This time, we have no new smells! But a few pertinent notes to make…

No news to anyone, but the USPS has recently raised it’s Priority Mail and First Class Mail rates by astronomical leaps. For us, this primarily impacts our international customers. We can no longer offer “Free Shipping” to Canada at $100, or to the rest of the Globe at $125. New rates are as follows:

  • United States - Free UPS Ground shipping with an order subtotal (after points and discounts) of $100.

  • Canada & Mexico - Free USPS Priority Mail International shipping with an order subtotal (after points and discounts) of $125.

  • Global (Non- North American Destinations) - Free USPS Priority Mail International shipping with an order subtotal (after points and discounts) of $200.

We realise this makes Villainess much less accessible for our European fans. While aficionados in the UK may want to patronise Poshbrats a bit more frequently, and Canadians can visit Pretty Indulgent or Glymm, the rest of you will be pleased to note that we intend to float random discount codes to take the sting away.

While we cannot absorb the entirety of these new shipping rates, we are pleased to continue offering you discounts similar to the old shipping rates. We will be primarily working with Retail Me Not to publicise discount codes, but they will also appear on our Official Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.

To kick things we off, we are offering 14% off every order - enter coupon code VDAY1314 at checkout to take 14% off your order subtotal. May be used one time per customer, from January 29th through February 4th (midnight CST) 2013. No order minimum, no product exclusions.

Coming soon? Expect a new era of Soap packaging and revamped/restocked Extrait selections (along those lines, if you are madly in love with our ampoules and wish to complete a collection of matching phials… now would be a good time.)

And finally, a pretty picture of our expanded Fade collection… - “Dark myrrh and musk, pipe tobacco, and a vintage wash of sweetgrass barely brightened with lavender, peach and blackberries.” Nothing but nostalgia. First loves and hopes-shot-to-hell. A silken Soap, a new Smooch! enriched with myrrh and blackberry fruit, and a skin-loving Whipped lotion.


Warmest regards,

B! Kisses!



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Sorry to see the ampoules go, but I completely understand why (especially after breaking one!) Looking forward to new Extraits!

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n : a woman who is a villain

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n
1 : an uncanny, articulate woman
2 : a deliberate antagonist or tease
3 : an intelligent woman in a tabloid or gossip
4 : the fall-girl in a particularly difficult situation

Villainess. Redefining "bad."