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Greetings Sweethearts!

This time of year, we like to poke fun at maudlin sentiment, and trade fantasy for reality. We offer a selection of sweet, dust-tainted, tear-seasoned and overpriced scents for your amusement…

New for 2013? Bad Breakup - “Smells like heartbreak. Dragon’s Blood, cheap cabernet, markdown chocolate and a pint of caramel ice-cream salted with your own tears.” Go on, watch a Lifetime movie - it’s okay. We did this one up in a cocoa-sprinkled Soap, a wine and cacoa infused (cocoa butter based) Smooch!, and our usual skin-loving Whipped! body creme.

Bad Breakup

Not entirely new, but expanded upon… Fade - “Dark myrrh and musk, pipe tobacco, and a vintage wash of sweetgrass barely brightened with lavender, peach and blackberries.” Nothing but nostalgia. First loves and hopes-shot-to-hell. A silken Soap, a new Smooch! enriched with myrrh and blackberry fruit, and a skin-loving Whipped lotion.


Also new, Satiate - “An overpriced melange of Chinese vetiver, Somalian Myrrh and Kenyan Oppoponax layered with exquisite Bulgarian Lavender, Indonesian Ylang, and a haze of Lime and Pink Grapefruit.” Spend ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. The last word in indulgence, Satiate is a lovingly hand-crafted soap featuring Grade A Virgin Olive Oil, light Sunflower, and humectant-heavy Castor with a smattering of kaolin clay and rosehips. This castile soap will lather with a glycerin-rich creaminess, so don’t be surprised if it’s a touch more moisturising than our usual luxury-formula.


Returning? Perennial favourite, The Truffle Trade - “A neglected box o’ chocolates - cherry cordials, coconut creams, almond clusters, raspberry parfaits - covered in dust, tossed aside for bigger game.” The best chocolates win the best affections? No? Our classic Soap with a gooey coconut filling, delishus Smooch! with it’s cacao accent, and a terribly creamy Whipped! lotion.

And Raspberry Swirl - “Sweet red raspberry creamed with soft vanilla.” Sweet things. The Soap you’ve come to love, the stained-pink with raspberry Smooch, and our Whipped! body creme.

Complimentary “Staff Pick” Smack! Selections include… Lavender Berry - . Cherry Cordial - “One perfect scoop of Cherries Jubilee, nestled in a gooey Vanilla Bean cream and encased in two decadent scoops of Chocolate Mousse.” And of course, The Truffle Trade Smack! - “A single scoop of Chocolate Mousse layered over a gooey Coconut Milk center, a Raspberry Plum filling, and a touch of Cherries Jubilee.”.

My best love to you all,




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Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n : a woman who is a villain

Vil·lain·ess \ 'vi-lən-nəs \ n
1 : an uncanny, articulate woman
2 : a deliberate antagonist or tease
3 : an intelligent woman in a tabloid or gossip
4 : the fall-girl in a particularly difficult situation

Villainess. Redefining "bad."