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Celebrate with Black Citrus, Trauma & Quick or Dead!
Happy Summer!

Now that is has finally warmed up, we’re rolling out our seasonal favourites!

Returning this year… “Black Citrus” “Crisp grapefruit, bright mandarin, and tart lime sweetly blackened with vanilla, coconut and patchouli.” Find it in a gorgeous black-on-orange marbled Soap, our Smooch Body Scrub - “Orange marmalade and perfectly exfoliant orange peel.” and our classic, silken, Whipped Body Creme.

For those who prefer the foamy lusciousness of Smack, we’ve also designed the Black Citrus Smack!. “Equal portions of cool Coconut Milk, sweet Vanilla Bean, deep Unearthed and bright Fresh Squeezed Citrus.”

Black Citrus

Trauma again! “Ripe peaches dripping with dragon’s blood, against a sweet skin-scent of Egyptian musk, amber and myrrh. Trauma strikes on a visceral level -a violation of skin and blood. An impact that leaves you seeing stars, an interruption of life’s sweetness.” Trauma gets enough requests that it ought be general catalog by now - so, enjoy it’s yearly appearance! Returning in a Soap, Smooch! (drenched in Dragon’s Blood), and Whipped!. Returning after a brief absence Trauma Extrait in our amber glass bottles with dropper tops.

Perennial favourite Quick or Dead? - “Sarsparilla and sweetgrass, worn saddle leather, tobacco smoke and the remains of a spicy lime cologne. The essence of the wild west. When hard work meant your homestead, and if you weren’t Quick you’d sure as sin end up Dead (much like the armadillo roadkill that litters our wide open praries). Saddle up, yo.” Once more in Soap, Smooch!, and Whipped! . And finally back in stock, our Perfume Oil - rich with leather and lightly limed. Returning this year, is the official Quick or Dead? Cheap Shot! - a custom-etched whiskey shooter, featuring our Quick or Dead? logo and gift-wrapped with horehound hard candy.This one’s a stunner! (Just for reference, horehound candy tastes a lot like slightly bitter rootbeer barrels.)

Quick or Dead?

And still hanging around…

Sidewalk evokes my favourite childhood memories with Hot concrete drenched in sunshowers. Summer melons, limeades and fresh-cut grass. It is a smooth soap, done up in cool pools of blue. The equally-blue Smooch! features silken clays and jojoba beads, and is ideal to layer with our Whipped! creme.

Grenade. “Lemon-lime soda sweetened with grenadine and a single maraschino cherry.” This quintessentially fruity scent is inspired by a Shirley Temple. To complement, we’ve hand-selected the Grenade Smack! - Exquisitely tart portions of Limeade and Fresh Squeezed Citrus with a sweet punch of Cherries Jubilee and Raspberry Plum.”



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