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2 Hour Duration | In-Person
Saturday, April 6th
Villainess Alchemy's Theatrum Chemicum
364 Central Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas

{501} 525.7627
Host: Charlene


In the Eclipsis Aquae Apotheclass, we'll be creating an eclipse-season-charged "Lunar Liquide Sol Soak". A bespoke, liquid mineral bath soak featuring Hot Springs' mineral water.  The luminous lotion-like soak can be created with yogurt or goat's milk, you'll choose. This weapon of well-being is crafted in conjunction to the 2024 total solar eclipse. We'll be charging ingredients including Hot Springs' mineral water, hydrosols, and flower waters during the eclipse season portal of March 25 - April 8th for use in this workshop session. If you're unable to attend this Apotheclass, we are accepting pre-orders for the eclipse-charged batch of "Lunar Liquide Sol Soak" shipping post April 8th, 2024.

This solar eclipse is distinguished for us at Villainess, not only because we are in the path of totality, but also as an exaltation of the moon representing the celestial underdog in its ability to hold back the power of the sun. Meanwhile, the sun calls back in its own power for a period of reflection. Occulting of the sun by the moon is a highly symbolic time for our psyche and interpersonal depth exploration. Eclipses are spectacular mirrors in challenging authority and breaking the rules. Every six months an astronomical amount of force invited us recalibrate internally to the changes and transformations about to take place seasonally. This window of time can be overwhelming to our subtle and physical bodies. Yet, solar eclipses are an armament of potential to create something new, challenge limits, instigate change, or start a revolution. As catalysts of explosive yet subtle energetics, eclipse season facilitates the navigation through dense debris and limits of our inner world.

This year has been, is presently, and will continue to be spirited with the maverick, wild, rebel archetypes. As these archetypal energies emerge within us, as they do above us, the period for redefinition and reclamation can be supported with bathing rituals for self-care and bespoke weapons of well-being expressed by your inner intuitiveness. 

Join our small circle the weekend prior to the finale of eclipse season.  Our Eclipsis Aquae Apotheclass is a baptism into the numinous energies of the new moon unioned with the total solar eclipse of 2024. This is a sacred time for redefinition and wilding. The liquid realm is a villainess' preferred sanctuary for reclamation as we spring onto a new initiatory path.




2 Hour Duration | In-Person

Villainess Alchemy's beauty lair offers communial seating for up to 8 creatrixes at our alchemy bar.

364 Central Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 | Historic Downtown across from Bathhouse Row and Hot Springs National Park - Parking will be limited. We recommend the Exchange St. lots, parking on Prospect St. 3 blocks north, or arriving earlier than the session time for availability.

Host: Charlene

We welcome private party affairs:



During the Eclipsis Aquae Apotheclass™, we'll:

  • Open with meditation on Eclipse Season keynotes, intentions, and energetics.
  • Redefine and mastermind the intentions of your mineral bath soak in spirit and minset of the present moment.
  • Stop at nothing to discover which fragrance or essence represents your transformative vibrancy.
  • Submerse our senses in hydrosols, herbs, botanicals, oils, and earthy accouturements to our mineral water for our soaking sacrament.
  • File away your secret recipe for future debauchery and evil scheming.
  • (BEWARE! COMING SOON) Be recruited (if you dare) upon reserving your seat, into the Villainess Bombshell Battalion by way of our private Facebook Group. It's an armament of inspiration and camaraderie. A private gathering place for only those who've been to an Apotheclass™ and/or have upcoming reservations.


After reserving your seat for this Apotheclass you'll:

  • Receive an email confirmation with your upcoming reservation.
  • Doors open to the VA Theatrum Chemicum 30 minutes prior to event start-time for light snacks, beverages, and conversation.
  • Communal seating is limited to 8 creatrixes per time slot.
  • Aprons, safety materials, and directives will be provided.
  • This Apotheclass can be canceled up to one week preceding the event date. Cancellations after that date and time will result in a credit for your Apotheclass™. Your credit can be used online at or our sister soapery For all inquiries or to cancel, reschedule, or receive a credit, message us through our website at, call 501-525-7627, or you original booking email confirmation.


Villainess' overall objective is to "Redefine Bad". Every Apotheclass includes a bottomless pit of mature energy through language, text, imagery, audibles, tastes, and fragrances. Sleazy and demure. Mature audiences only.

"I'm known to be quite vexing. I'm just forewarning you." - Harley Quinn

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