The word "perfume" is derived from the Latin phrase "through smoke." It's a fitting description for something so elusive, so volatile, that it can only convey its gift by literally going up in smoke.

We've bottled the ephemeral by way of an Extrait: a 29% concentration of aromatics in a carrier blend of long lasting vegetable oils* with a silken afterfeel. Like the same scents you've come to love in our body collection, our Extrait exploits a variety of synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils, plant resins, infusions, extracts and absolutes.

Our perfume extrait has a PAO of 6 months, at which point it will age nicely, but be noticeably changed. We offer them in light-resistant amber-glass, and they will arrive in a custom printed individually packed box.

*Asphyxiate is the single exception to this rule as the heavily resinous blend is only soluble in perfumer's alcohol.

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