Whipped! body creme is thick and stiff, yet light and quite soluble - much like edible whipped heavy cream. We've used a combination of three vegetable derived emulsifiers to create a very stable, conditioning emulsion. Mango butter (so light, not greasy and very decadent), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (which sinks in like a dream), Grapeseed Oil (nutrient rich and again, so light), and Cherry Kernel Oil (also light and loaded with Vitamins A & E). A touch of silicones to ensure it leaves a soft, silky touch to your skin, and Optiphen - a brilliant paraben-free preservative that isn't a formaldehyde donor either. Whipped! has a heavy moisture content for your dry skin, enough oils to create a breathable emollient , and has a velvety-soft afterfeel. You'll love it.

Whipped! has a 12-month shelf life when stored out of direct light and kept cool. We recommend using Whipped! completely within two months of your first use, and always using clean hands to prolong your creme's lifespan.

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