Woo hoo witchy woman, see how high you'll fly in the Villainess Alchemy's Bathing Broom & Blunt Apotheclass. A villainess, with the bounty of her broom and the blaze of her blunt, becomes her highest self. In our first-ever public Apotheclass, we celebrate the season of the witch by crafting our own broom & blunt...for bathing.



6:30 pm CST | 2 Hour Duration | In-Person

Villainess Alchemy's Theatrum Chemicum | 364 Central Avenue Hot Springs, Arkansas | {501} 525.7627

Hosted: Charlene


1. BATHING BROOM - You'll become the creatrix of your own bespoke BATHING BROOM with access to rule-breaking resources from the Villainess' apothecary of practical magic. Bathing Brooms are approximately 12-18 inches long and last for weeks depending on the intention you set for your broom.

Bath | Shower | Sauna Whisk (Vihta) | Dry Brush | Aromatherapy | Metaphysical | Smudging | Ritual | Ceremony | Banishing | Energetic Cleansing | Yoga | Meditation | Transportation / Levitation (no guarantees) | Quidditch | Showing Someone Where To Stick It.

2. BATHING BLUNTS - You'll get to craft your own unique melange of herbs, botanicals, and smudging essentials to roll 3 Bathing Blunts. We know what you were thinking, you silly witch, and you're awesome, but these blunts are for smudging during your beauty, bathing, and business rituals.

Smudging | Energetics | Yoga | Metaphysical | Aromatherapy | Meditation | Perfuming | Ritual | Ceremony
3. Signature drinks, snacks, and sass are complimentary with this Apotheclass. 


After reserving your seat for this Apotheclass hosted in the Villainess Alchemy's Theatrum Chemicum:

  • You'll receive an email confirmation as your ticket.
  • Doors open to the Theatrum Chemicum at 5:30 pm and the Apotheclass starts promptly at 6:30 pm.
  • The seating is limited and intimate in our beauty lair.
  • Aprons will be provided but there is always a chance of staining of clothing due to the nature of the craft.
  • Expect 2 hours of "you time" beauty crafting with the Villainess coven.
  • Signature drinks and snacks are complimentary.
  • This Apotheclass can be canceled by October 21st, 2022. Cancellations after that day will result in a credit for your Apotheclass. Your credit can be used towards a future Villainess Alchemy event in the Theatrum Chemicum, online at, or at our sister boutique

For all inquiries or to cancel, reschedule, or receive a credit, message us through our website at, email, or call {501} 781-2557.


The Villainess' overall objective is to Redefine Bad. Even the title of "villainess" reeks of impudence, audacity, and unmitigated gall. Every Apotheclass includes a bottomless pit of mature energy through language, text, imagery, audibles, tastes, and obviously fragrances, and may not be suitable for all audiences. Expect sleazy and demure.