ECLIPSIS AQUAE SOAK *Preorder* + Sleeping Mask Gift

ECLIPSIS AQUAE SOAK *Preorder* + Sleeping Mask Gift

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Eclipsis Aquae "Lunar Liquide Sol Soak" is the 2024 eclipse-season-charged liquid mineral soak featuring Hot Springs' mineral water. Your weapon of well-being is crafted and charged in conjunction with the eclipse season portal of March 25 - April 8, 2024. Pre-orders will ship post April 8th, 2024. This is a full-size 8oz | 236ml bottle. You'll also receive a custom Villainess "Lunatics, Whips, and a Solar Eclipse" Sleeping Mask.  Our gift to you with purchase. 

This solar eclipse is distinguished for us at Villainess, not only because we are in the path of totality, but as an exaltation of the moon representing the celestial underdog in its ability to hold back the power of the sun. Simaltaneously, the sun calls back in its own power for a period of reflection. It's a highly symbolic time for our psyche and interpersonal depth exploration. Eclipses are spectacular mirrors for challenging authority and breaking the rules. Every six months astronomical forces invite us to recalibrate internally to the changes and transformations about to take place seasonally. This time period can be overwhelming to our subtle and physical bodies. Yet, solar eclipses  are an armament of potential to create something new, challenge limits, instigate change, or start a revolution. As catalysts of explosive yet subtle energetics, eclipse season facilitates the navigation through dense debris and limits of our inner world.

The liquid realm is a villainess' preferred sanctuary for reclamation, baptism, and intention as we spring onto a new initiatory path.

This year has been, is presently, and will continue to be spirited with the maverick, wild, rebel archetypes. We kicked off eclipse season 2024 with a heavy dose of dark goddess energy with the March 25th full moon penumbral eclipse. As these archetypal energies emerge within us, as they do above us, the period for redefinition and reclamation can be supported with bathing rituals for self-care and bespoke weapons of well-being. 

ECLIPSIS AQUAE SOAK *Preorder* + Sleeping Mask Gift
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